How Much For Happy (2005)

Single: Blue Bird (Music Video)


Things God Cannot Explain (2008)

Was available for download on

Songs from Instant Star 4 (2008)

Songs: Pavement

Degrassi Goes Hollywood OST (2009)

Songs: Crash My Party

Life Is A Show

One Saturday Night Away

Destructo Doll (2009)

Single: Mr. Colson (Music video)

Go Dark (Unreleased Music Video)

Something Sexy (2010)

Cassie originally submitted this song as a contender for the New Moon soundtrack. Fans are featured in the music video.

Karamel (2010)

Unreleased album

Songs: Underwear (Music Video)




Degrassi Takes Manhattan OST (2010)

Song: I Trust You

Shifty EP (2012)

Single: Shape Shifter

Mad (2014)
Music Video

Power (2014)

Song was also featured in Cassie's film 'The Dorm'

Patterns EP (2014)

Single: Games (Music Video)

Dreams (Lyric Video)

Sex & Candy (2014)

Song was never released, but you can listen to it on SoundCloud and on her youtube channel.

Dreams (Regulators Remix) (2015)

A remix version of Cassie's song.