How Much For Happy


  1. Not Yours Truly
  2. Famous
  3. Fantasy
  4. Bluebird
  5. Jaded
  6. Rock Your Bones
  7. Drink Me Dry
  8. Crimson Tears
  9. Broken (How Much For Happy)
  10. Empty Eyes
  11. A Sinner's Prayer
  12. Love Cost
  13. Hey Joe


Recorded: October 2004 - February 2005

Released: March 15, 2005 (CAN)
                       April 26, 20015 (US)

Label: Rob 'N' Steal Productions

Certified: gold in Canada


Fun fact: the song "Things That God Cannot Explain" which was released through the website years later, was a track that was written for the album but didn't make it. 


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