Cassie Steele

Name: Cassandra 'Rae' Steele

Date of Birth: December 2nd, 1989

Place of Birth: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Height: 5'2'' (1.57m)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown


Parents: Lily and Robin Steele

Siblings: Alexandra 'Alex' Rose Steele (sister)



Teacup Yorkshire Terrier; Peanut 

Long Haired Chihuahua; Bug

Siberian Forest Cat; Sascia


Cassie moved to Los Angeles in 2009. She travels between the United States and Canada. She moved to Denver in September 2020.


Cassie has been open about her struggle with Alopecia Areata, also known as bold spots, via her Instagram. Luckily she has found something that works for her!

Rob'N'Steal Productions Introduction (2011)

Cassie Steele is a talented, beautiful 21-year-old singer songwriter actress. She is charming, intelligent, funny and always unpredictable. Some know her as "Manny", a role she played on Degrassi: TNG but the real Cassie who loves to act started vocal lessons at 5 has a passion for rock.


Cassie was introduced to the art of songwriting when she wrote and recorded her first song in 1999. She gained experience crafting each song and so developed her freedom of expression. It is fortunate her producers encouraged her to write her own songs and develop her way to speak to us through music. Cassie's collaborations with writers aren't always kept on a rock genre but it leaves her more resolute and determined that "Rock" is her calling. Cassie writes all the lyrics and melodies for her albums and whether acting, singing or writing we see "she gets it". 


For our final comments, Cassie is an independent and a free spirited artist who hopes you appreciate her music. So, take some time, turn up the volume and get to know the real Cassie Steele.


Fun Times Ahead,


Rob "N" Steal Productions.