Why Cassie Steele Online?

I started this website for a couple of reasons. One is that there are so little fansites about Cassie that were updated regularly. So I wanted one that was updated frequently! The other reason was that I wanted to make a website since I'd seen my aunt do it. Though I wanted to make it look better.


So I started. And succeeded if I may say so. Cassie Steele Online is now operating under the knowledge of Cassie Steele herself, and we get the help of her promotional team and from the people from RobNSteal Productions. It is safe to say we try to make this website a place to turn to for all news regarding Cassie!


I hope you all like it. I know I like working on it!

Cassiesteeleonline.com Q&A:

Are you Cassie?

No. My name is Chantal and I have been a fan of Cassie's since 2003. 

When did you start Cassie-Steele online?
I started the website back in march 2008.

Why did you start Cassie-Steele Online?

I was fed up with the fact that Cassie had barely any online support. So I had gotten my hands on a free online website builder and started experimenting. That's basically why. 

Why did you change urls?

It was long overdue. I had started the old website in 2008 and in those 8 years I had barely changed anything about the website. In the last few months I wasn't even able to add pages anymore so I was very limited in building the website. And that is why I decided I had to move the website address. 

What is the difference between Cassie-Steele Online and cassiesteeleonline.com?

The only main difference is the URL and the website builder. We now have a url that is completely ours and I'm very proud of that. I believe it makes us easier to find. Everything else is still the same.