Degrassi Goes Hollywood

Degrassi Goes Hollywood is the film rounding up season 8 of Degrassi; The Next Generation. 


Paige scored a role in Jason Mews' (Jay and Silent Bob) new movie. She plays Trixie and filming starts. However, Jay had been thinking about Manny playing the part of Trixie. Manny screws up her first audition though and is ready to give up. When Paige is acting like a complete ass and Jason is not happy with her acting job either, he is holding new auditions in Los Angeles to find a new Trixie. Manny hears about this and does everything to make it to the second casting audition. 


This is the first Degrassi; The Next Generation film and features 3 songs by Cassie. 



1. Crash My Party - Cassie Steele

2. Good Year - Keith and Renee

3. My Fair Weather Friend - The Blue Seeds

4. Rescue You - Jake Epstein

5. Watch out of the Fuzz - Howie Beck

6. Life is a Show - Cassie Steele

7. All I Wanna Do - The School

8. The Bee Hell - The Two Minute Miracles

9. Swan Song - Jake Epstein

10. Come On and Go - Scout

11. I Just Wanna Party - Stüdz

12. One Saturday night Away - Cassie Steele & The Mewesical High Cast